Discover your runes that resonate with you

What are Runes?

The word rune originally means a secret that can be interpreted and read to give you a better insight of your day-to-day matters. These symbols are a part of an oracle system through which higher powers communicate.


Rune symbols consist of 24 alphabets, and they are usually engraved over stones or wood pieces. Though runes are widely used in tattoos, charms, and amulets too that people carry with themselves.


The History of Runes

Runes came into existence in 100 - 200 AD when Germanic people started to use them. When the Germanic tribes migrated to Europe their use became common in different parts of Europe. These Germanic runes also go by the name of Elder Futhark.


The 24 Runes and Their Meanings


  1. Ansuz ᚫ
  • Colour: Deep blue
  • Meaning:

Ansuz represents communication. It can also signal towards listening to the messages of one’s own soul and others. Ansuz is a signal that you need to communicate with the people around you. It can be either personal relations or your work acquaintances, that you need to communicate clearly with.


In the modern era when texting and shooting an email takes a few seconds, when Ansuz shows up, your best bet would be to talk in-person. The whole reason of making the effort to speak up your truth and convey your messages is to understand your personal and work relations better.


  • Reversed:

When reversed, Ansuz means a lack of communication, misunderstanding, and manipulation. So, be wary of the utterances of others so that you can spot the manipulators, and keep your distance by drawing boundaries.


  1. Berkana ᛒ
  • Colour: Dark green
  • Meaning:

Berkana is the rune of new beginnings. Its symbol is Birch tree, which means birth of something new from a seed. This rune has rejuvenating powers and can aid in growth, fertility, and freedom. This rune is also related to questions you might have related to family.


  • Reversed:

When reversed Berkana can symbolise relationship issues with people in the immediate reality, cheating, and lack of emotions. It also means hurdles in the initiation of new projects.


  1. Kenaz ᚲ
  • Colour: Light red
  • Meaning:

Kenaz is like a guiding beacon, and it represents knowledge, inspiration, and creativity. You will find new relations and friendships. Your work life will flourish beyond measure. It will also help you to co-create your reality.


  • Reversed:

When reversed, Kenaz can represent creative blocks, disease, and deceitful relations.


  1. Dagaz ᛞ
  • Colour: Light blue
  • Meaning:

Dagaz is the rune of dawn or the light of awakening. It means the end of problems and beginning of a new day of hope and light. This rune can help in decision-making for starting something new, as it is like an approval.


Dagaz is also the rune of transformation which requires you to be active and think out of the box.


  • Reversed:

Dagaz can’t be reversed.


  1. Ehwaz ᛖ
  • Colour: White
  • Meaning:

Ehwaz has a horse sign. Ehwaz symbolises movement of all sorts. It could signal towards someone buying a means of transportation, travel, or moving forward in life. It also signals towards a successful partnership in a romantic relationship, because it is the energetic symbol of loyalty.


Ehwaz is also a reassurance of you moving in the right direction. 


  • Reversed:

When reversed, this rune can mean being stuck at one place in day-to-day life matters. It can also show a lack of trust and disloyalty from a partner.


  1. Fehu ᚠ
  • Colour: Fire red
  • Meaning:

Fehu represents wealth and prosperity. It also symbolises hope, luck, and success beyond measure. The symbol for Fehu is cattle which was a representation of wealth and prosperity in old times, now replaced by money. Fehu signals towards the reward of all the efforts. This prosperity can also come in the form of happiness beyond measure which can take a form of success in studies or career.


  • Reversed:

A reversed Fehu can signal towards some financial blocks. In relationships it can create distance between you and your partner.


  1. Gifu ᚷ
  • Colour: Blue
  • Meaning:

Gifu symbolises gifts of all forms that can either be generously giving gifts or receiving them with a grateful heart. Gifu also means the gift of new relationships. It also signifies the gift of the relationship with the Divine.


Even if the current circumstances are a bit uncertain, you will soon see the blessing behind it.  


  • Reversed:

Gifu can’t be reversed.


  1. Hagail ᚺ
  • Colour: Light blue
  • Meaning:

Hagail represents natural calamities or the chaos rooted deep into the subconscious mind. The way out of all these problems is to accept the reality and then take conscious actions while staying calm. Surprisingly, it can also represent inner harmony or a spiritual awakening.  


  • Reversed:

Hagail doesn’t have a reversed position.


  1. Isa ᛁ
  • Colour: Black
  • Meaning:

Isa means ice. So, it signifies a state of halt where everything moving in the forward direction freezes. Isa’s energy can manifest as frustration, inner conflicts, delays, and mental and physical blocks. The block or feeling of being stuck in grief means a person needs to have a dialogue with their inner self to listen to the messages of their soul.


Though all the these blockages are the results of the negative self-talk which can be changed to see favourable results.


  • Reversed:

Isa doesn’t have a reversed position.


  1. Jera ᛃ
  • Colour: Light blue
  • Meaning:

Jera means harvest and represents a boom in happiness, peace, and hopes. It is the rune of accomplishments and growth. All this abundance can be seen in your personal life, work life, financial matters, and emotional and physical health. Jera is a proof of you going in the right direction and that prosperity is your destiny now.


  • Reversed:

Jera doesn’t have a reversed position.


  1. Kenaz ᚲ
  • Colour: Orange, Light Red
  • Meaning:

Kenaz is the rune of being guided by the inner wisdom. After a long period of clouded decision about taking a path, the fog has lifted and you are now ready to take your next step.


It is the light of creativity and inspiration. It means one has the power to co-create their reality with the wisdom and knowledge of their highest self. It also signifies love and passion.


  • Reversed:

When reversed it means blockage of creativity, lack of purpose, and withdrawal from romantic relationships. Also you are going to see the consequences of decision that were not carefully taken in the past. To overcome this, you need to let go of the old patterns, and birth a new you just like a Pheonix.  


  1. Laguz ᛚ
  • Colour: Deep green
  • Meaning:

Laguz is the rune of renewal and represents water flowing with life force energy. It also represents fertility.


Laguz is also the rune of intuition, where the person can look beyond the apparent, and can listen to the hidden messages. It also means unity.


  • Reversed:

When reversed, it can symbolise lack of self-confidence, confusion, a lack of creativity, and a clouded clairvoyance. For a man it can mean a woman that will prove to be manipulate if a relationship is in question.


  1. Mannaz ᛗ
  • Colour: Deep red
  • Meaning:

Mannaz represents a sense of self, which is the deciding force for a person’s relationship with themself and others. Mannaz also helps to connect with culture and nature. It also represents creativity and intelligence.


  • Reversed:

In reverse, it shows manipulation or isolation from others.


  1. Nauthiz ᚾ
  • Colour: Black
  • Meaning:

Nauthiz symbolises restriction and at the same time gives energy to overcome them. The restriction can be feeling stuck in relations that no longer serves your needs, challenges related to work, and health crisis.


  • Reversed:

In reverse, Nauthiz meaning that is stated above can increase by many folds.


  1. Inguz ᛝ
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Meaning:

Inguz is the rune of strong family bonds, flow of love, and fertility. It also represents calm where a person can take new decisions leading to success. Inguz is the rune of birth that can be the birth of a child or the birth of a brainchild such as a new business. It can also mean the birth of a new romantic relationship.


  • Reversed:

Inguz can’t be reversed.


  1. Othila ᛟ
  • Colour: Deep yellow
  • Meaning:

Othila is the rune of heredity, which can be in terms of material objects, or spiritual wisdom. Othila is all about the blessings and gains that a person has gathered throughout their life. It also signifies safety and security.


  • Reversed:

In reverse Othila can mean some problems of inheritance.


  1. Perth ᛈ
  • Colour: Black
  • Meaning:

Perth is the rune of mystery and secrets. These mysteries can relate to a person’s fate or a foresight of future events. Perth reveals those secrets that you might not have known about yourself. Based on the knowing of the future, Perth can help a person make the right choices.


  • Reversed:

In reverse, it can symbolise bad luck and chaos. Some hidden secret can unveil itself that will bring a lot of destruction.


  1. Raidho ᚱ
  • Colour: Radiant red
  • Meaning:

Raidho is the rune of journeys. These journeys can be either the real ones like travelling for business or personal reasons, or spiritual journeys such as entering astral realms and getting revelations through travelling to the inner world. If you are experiencing some troubles in a relationship, Raidho is a sign to take a breather to refresh the relation by taking some time away from the person.


  • Reversed:

When reversed it means crisis and friction towards moving forward. There can be a topsy-turvy of emotions and a lack of vision in your life’s purpose. And the way through these is to keep your eyes set on the goal rather than focusing on the obstacles.


  1. Sowelu ᛋ
  • Colour: Silver, White
  • Meaning:

Sowelu is the rune of the Sun which means it is the rune of light and relaxation. Sowelu represents a powerful life force energy that brings power and good health to a person. It also imparts self-confidence and a profound sense of safety and security.


Sowelu is the indication of clearing of all the obstacles and success happening.


Sowelu also represents your internal light that is the very essence of your Spirit. It also means appreciation and acceptance of you by others.


  1. Teiwaz ᛏ
  • Colour: Bright red
  • Meaning:

Teiwaz is ruled by the deity Thor which means it is the rune of unwavering bravery, honour, resolute, and justice. When this appears it is your calling to show your resilient side and be brave in the face of adversities. For men Teiwaz means they should handle their energy with care. For women Teiwaz symbolises the man in their life.


  • Reversed:

In reverse it can signal towards a lack of resilience. It can also signal towards a relationship that is based on lust and less on emotional reciprocation and respect.


  1. Thurisaz ᚦ
  • Colour: Radiant red
  • Meaning:

Thurisaz are like two facets of a coin. It can be soft or hard. It represents a high charge energy that can both destruct and defend depending upon how it is utilized. Thurisaz means you need to be careful as you might see a dip in your professional and personal life. But at the same time this doesn't mean you cannot overcome all these. Patience is the key that will help you get through all the dark energies.    


  • Reversed:

In reverse, it means evil, betrayal, or a sinister feminine or masculine energy.


  1. Uruz ᚢ
  • Colour: Deep green
  • Meaning:

The symbol of Uruz is an animal named Auroch that is now extinct similar to a boar. Auroch was powerful, resilient, and energetic. So, Uruz represents resilience, strength, will power, and energy. By using the energy of Uruz, you can overcome obstacles. It carries masculine energy. It also represents perfect health.


  • Reversed:

In reverse, it means a misuse of power, obsession, and health crisis.


  1. Wunjo ᚹ
  • Colour: Gold, Yellow
  • Meaning:

Wunjo means happiness and deep joy. This means you have let go of all the old patterns and have received the light of enlightenment where all your problems have started to fade away. Wunjo means a flow of creativity for artists no matter what expression they choose to showcase their creative abilities.


Wunjo also means friendships in which a person feels happy and secure.


  • Reversed:

In reverse, Wunjo means loneliness, helplessness, disappointments and mental disorders. It can also mean you have tried your best but haven't been able to see any results. The solution lies in taking the responsibility and reflecting upon the cause of all the problems.


Quite often there are some internal hurdles such as limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that need to be eliminated to see better results of your efforts.


  1. Algiz ᛉ
  • Colour: Gold
  • Meaning:

Algiz is the rune of connection with the higher self that brings harmony, growth, and prosperity. Being the rune of safety and protection, it keeps the evil away as the connection with the higher self and the Source is strong.


Through the power of Algiz, you will receive warnings in the form of obvious events, words, dreams, or subtle messages of the intuition about something bad happening that will keep you away from it.


Algiz is also the rune of new friendships and relationships that will bring harmony and protection to you.


  • Reversed:

In reverse it means danger, damage to the auric shield, and damage to the connection with the Universe. So you have to become aware of who is in your best interest, and whom you need to let go or keep a distance from.


The Blank Rune

While casting runes, if a blank rune appears then it means possibility of anything and everything. Just like a canvas you can paint any reality in your life. It is the rune of manifestations.


The Use of Runes in Our Daily Lives


Runes for Protection

Tiwaz ᛏ, Othala ᛟ, Algiz ᛉ

These three runes when drawn in a way that the central line is common can become a powerful combination of protective energies.


Runes for Health

Othala ᛟ, Laguz ᛚ

A combination of Othala and Laguz made in such a way that the central axis of the Laguz intersects the upper and lower corner of the Othala becomes a potent energetic symbol for renewing and rejuvenating a person’s health 


Runes for Anxiety and Depression

Wunjo ᚹ, Dagaz ᛞ

Wunjo and Dagaz when placed in a way that the line of Wunjo crosses the center of the Dagaz can bring a person relief from anxiety and depression.


Runes for Confidence and Self-Love

Mannaz ᛗ, Uruz ᚢ, Ansuz ᚫ

Uruz placed in the first half of the Mannaz, and Ansuz joined to the end of the Mannaz creates a combination for self-confidence and self-love.


Runes for Financial Abundance

Fehu ᚠ and Gebo ᚷ

Fehu and Gebo combined in a way that the Fehu’s central axis passes through the center of Gebo makes a rune combination for bringing wealth and prosperity in all forms.


Runes for Manifestation

Manifestation can be in any form, so there are multiples runes that can be used to bring a manifestation to fruition.

Fehu ᚠ, Uruz ᚢ, Thurisaz ᚦ, Gebo ᚷ, Wunjo ᚹ, Jera ᛃ, Berkana ᛒ


Runes for Love & Relationships

Gebo ᚷand Laguz ᛚ

Gebo is the rune for receiving the gift of love, and Laguz is the symbol of unity, which is why this combination is for long-lasting love and relationships.


Runes for Overcoming Fear

Algiz ᛉand Othala ᛟ

A combination of Algiz and Othala becomes a powerful energetic shield from all the outside negative influences that can make a person fear the world.


Runes for Academic Brilliance

Two Ansuz ᚫwhen combined can be used for boosting academic performance.


Runes for Luck

Gebo, Algiz ᛉ, and Fehu ᚠ are for bringing good luck.


Runes for Resilience to Overcome Obstacles

Uruz ᚢand Thurisaz ᚦcan cultivate resilience.


Rune Casting for Beginners by Using The 3 Rune Layout


In a three rune layout, draw three runes from the set without looking at them, and then place the three in a row without creating your own sequence. The process should be natural without any manipulation.


  • The first rune represents the situation that you need answers for.
  • The second rune is of a challenge or an obstacle.
  • The third runes is the answer or the action required to overcoming the challenge.


Runes are powerful symbols, and with the knowledge of their attributes you can use them individually or in binds (combinations) to achieve different outcomes in your life. Learn and discover yours today!

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