Fengshui Crystal Ball
Fengshui Crystal Ball

Fengshui Crystal Ball

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These clear, multi-faceted crystal balls (also called "Swarovski" crystals) have an amazing ability to tap into the power of natural light. Ever see one hanging in a window reflecting rainbow light into a room? Now you know how magical they can be!

There are several ways that these crystals can help with the chi of our spaces: deflect, protect, attract.


These crystals are multi-faceted, they have a way of deflecting negative chi in our homes. They are great to hang between the front door and stairs when in alignment. If you're bed or desk are directly in line with the door into the room, you can hang one between the door and your bed (or desk) to deflect the chi from harming you.

If you have a poison arrow [fengshui term] (sharp corner pointing at you), you can hang one from the ceiling at that 90 degree angle and it will soften the chi coming off the corner. In case you have a beam overhead in your bed, you may hang one from the beam. If you or someone you love is ill, you can hang a crystal over the center of their bed, to both deflect negative chi and attract positive healing chi. Hang one in your car (I have mine slung around my rear view mirror) to protect you while driving. Think of any place you'd like protection and hang it!

Their rainbow light is connected with the sun, these crystals are beautiful positive chi attractors! Hang one in your home office window to attract work opportunities. If you would like to attract more romance in your life, you may hang one in your romance corner. Perhaps one in Wealth and Abundance area! Hang one anywhere you want to welcome positive chi in your life. But don't overdo it. Just a few go a long way! Focus on those places that are most important right now. You can always shift them around later.

So get a few feng shui crystals and bring some magic into your life.