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144  GATES of the unlimited potential in three axes = 144 000?

The amazingly creative and free minded, interdisciplinary Swiss researcher Nassim Haramein, together with the physicist Elizabeth Rauscher, formed an impressive theory of the unified field, called the 'Holofractographic Universe Theory'.

Haramein draws on beautifully simple logic, i.e. if we consider the point as the starting, primary structure, then the circle's circumference is needlessly too big.  Because there's a smaller, symmetrical and stable base - the equilateral triangle. If we include the omnipresent principle of polarity (positive/negative terminal, positive/negative charge, man/woman,...) into this primary structure, we well get the desired vector equilibrium. The result is the circle encircling the six-pointed 'Star of David'.

We've obtained a structure that contains features which can be truly observed in the real world. We can form this structure over and over again (make fractals) and acquire through this process new information (energy). 

Each newly created, marked-out structure has its own perspective, through which it observes the surrounding structures. I think that one picture is worth a thousand words.


If we convert this primary structure into a 3 D model, instead of two opposite equilateral triangles within a circle, we get two opposite regular tetrahedrons, each consisting of equilateral triangles, within a sphere casing.          

Amazing! What we see here is actually an ancient image of the MERKABA.

MER - means Light, which was the creator of everything. This Light carries information and forms a structure.   

KA  - means Soul/Spirit, something 'intangible' that makes each of us unique, something that carries all the information about us.

BA - means ambient, changeable reality, the body and its surroundings, Life. Translated from the Hebrew language, it means a 'carriage'. In translated Egyptian texts of the 18th dynasty, it means a Soul.

MERKABA therefore symbolizes the very own ancient essence of being and existence, despite all the differences in historical descriptions, which vary more or less in detail.

It is stated, for example, that one of the functions of Mer-Ka-Ba is to serve as a vehicle for soul and body which transfers them into other worlds. But this function (and most of the others) can only be used after a sufficient transformation of your inner self. Another often cited fact about Mer-Ka-Ba is that it surrounds a body of human like a 3D, geometric web and waits for the right moment.  If the human spirit, which dwells inside the body, realizes living inside such a web, it can spontaneously start changing itself, and by doing so, to trigger unbelievable self-transformation.

It is also stated that Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit / body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light. The stationary (non-rotating) intersections of the tetrahedron pairs are often seen as the representation of the physical body, whereas the pairs of the light tetrahedrons rotating in one direction symbolize the emotional body and the pairs rotating in the opposite direction represent the mental body and so on, and so forth.

Pay attention now! It's coming! The fact is that a perfect vector-balanced and stable system made up of regular tetrahedrons is (as shown above) a structure of the total 8 pairs of mutually intersected regular tetrahedrons (an intersection of two tetrahedrons forms an entity consisting of 8 tetrahedrons in total). 

This perfectly stable system is made up of a total of 64 regular tetrahedrons - 32 'positive' and 32 'negative'. And this constitutes a perfect fractal structure at the same time. And what's infinitely amazing.... this force, vector and fractal-balanced perfect primary structure, influences (in other words forms) its surroundings through the total number 144 faces of equilateral triangles

The primary structure (the point) forms the world with its 144 faces, through which it manifests itself and connects to its environment.

In other words, 144 unique and irreplaceable representatives (gates/characteristics) of the primary structure (the point) form perfect harmony and equilibrium of the world. According to the theory of the Holofractographic Universe, these point structures form our world through their unique 144 'vibration gates'. 

Ancient historical records and the devilishly simple logic of the Holofractographic Theory of the Universe are therefore in perfect harmony.  Everything seems to point to the fact that we are dealing with the Grail of the space-time structure, the Grail of the essence of being, the Grail of the unified field theory, the Grail of originating and creating, the Grail of the utmost legitimacy, the tool of the God's will, the boundary between the insubstantial consciousness and the physical world....

144 gates which, through their holofractographic influence, blossom and penetrate into various fractal structures of all levels of the world. Let's not be surprised then that the principles of the number and code 144 have a subliminal effect on our subconscious minds.  

A very good and interesting example of this is that people have precisely chosen as a favourite and frequent scale ratio for their models the proportion 1:144.  Isn't this amazing? The favourite symbol of miniatures is the number 144. That speaks for itself.

In Israel, 144 local councils were established.  

Another beautiful thing is that the Divine element of gold was given a covalent radius of 144 picometres. 

And it is no doubt amazingly interesting that one square human footprint contains exactly 144 square (human) inches.  

Or another thing, one day consists of exactly 1 440 minutes.

And our Solar System? 1 star and a neat row of 4 small, rocky planets and 4 giant, gaseous planets. 


Our very Cosmic home itself is a most beautiful materialization which mirrors the number 144 principles. 

One central Sun that pulls 4 and 4 planets to it. The first four planets in a row are small and rocky (solid and concentrated) and the next four in a row are the 'opposite', giant and gaseous (in other words 'spread-out' and thin). I'm speechless.

(author: Jiri Inkateo Vesely, centrum Serafin, Brno, Czechia who also designed the cosmic numerology cards that you can purchase at our website)

Solar system and 144

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