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Magic of 144....Discover and learn with cosmic numerology

144 SPHERICAL FACES OF A POINT 144  GATES OF ENTITIES OF THE ETHER? VACUUM? ....SPACE-TIME? BEING? 144  GATES of the unlimited potential in three axes = 144 000? The amazingly creative and free minded, interdisciplinary Swiss researcher Nassim Haramein, together with the physicist Elizabeth Rauscher, formed an impressive theory of the unified field, called the 'Holofractographic Universe Theory'. Haramein draws on beautifully simple logic, i.e. if we consider the point as the starting, primary structure, then the circle's circumference is needlessly too big.  Because there's a smaller, symmetrical and stable base - the equilateral triangle. If we include the omnipresent principle of polarity (positive/negative terminal, positive/negative charge, man/woman,...) into this primary structure, we well get the desired vector equilibrium. The...

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All you need to know about orgonites

All you need to know about orgonites. Have you ever wondered what an orgonite is? Check out our blog post summarizing key features, how they are made, what materials are being used and how to actually use them. We also included some hints and tips for the first buyers. Check it out at 

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Spirituality and personal development

Spiritual Awakening and How That May Relate to Personal Development How personal development and spiritual awakening are integrally related? Living in a quick-paced, technology-driven era, we often lose touch with the reality outside of us. If you feel trapped inside your head, it’s time you listen to your soul crying for freedom. Embarking on a spiritual path is your way to achieve spiritual freedom.  However, before starting your journey to spiritual awakening, you need to realize that nothing will change overnight. Personal development leads to spiritual awakening. It is a gradual process, and it happens when you realize that you are meant to exist beyond yourself and your ego. Why Do You Need to Be Spiritually Awake? Undergoing spiritual awakening...

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