Make Your Subconscious Mind Works 4 You

Our mind works constantly, even when we sleep. When we are awake, we are conscious. Did you know that we are using our brain capacity only at approximately 5-10%?

One would wonder why it is.

Our conscious mind relates to the part of the brain that represents rational, factual, visible things that we navigate day to day, however our subconscious mind manages our dreams, imaginary world, and visions.

“What you think is what you get.” And we can see how our reality has been evolving around the world. We can take our personal responsibility and start healing our thoughts, our relationships, our beliefs, and habits in awaking to what each of us can control and change in our lives.  

We model our reality based on our thoughts and beliefs. Our beliefs about love, work, life, our body awareness, our own value, are often a result of innate tendency to imitate the people and common shared practices in our environment, e.g., our families, groups we associate with. What we think and believe about our life, world, love, work etc. shapes who we are and our experiences of our environment.

Our habits represent the way we live our life and thus our reality. The way we experience the world. They are our daily activities and daily habits - for example, how we eat (based on our beliefs around nutrition, family /cultural& religious traditions), how we work (based on what career & work behaviors that are deemed to be acceptable in your environment), and how we deal with money (based on our beliefs around this topic either holding on, spending, or managing). There are many more habits that we can individually explore on our own.

However, our school system has not taught us how to change these habits and beliefs and thus personal work is inevitable. When we realize that our beliefs and habits may not be serving us the best, we may decide to “upgrade them” to shift and change them. We can change our perspectives and understanding of self and thus improving the quality of life and processing imposed self-limitations.

One way is using our conscious mind. What we usually do to change anything, we set our goals. We have been trained in many ways and we all have our experiences with own goals.

However, when we learn how to tap to our subconscious mind and work with it, we may change our way of being, our perspectives with much more ease and at an accelerated rate. We can achieve our goals in a completely different way, i.e., without creating to do list, controlling every step, or using a famous SMART method (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely). When we learn and explore different techniques and approaches to access our deep wisdom in our subconscious mind, we can achieve even impossible.

What are the ways to do so?

  1. Meditation - When we lower our brain waves to the Alfa level frequencies, we can visualize, redirect, reframe our thought and feeling processes. Our brain at the Alfa level can work with visual images and scenarios. (You can try Silva method, 6 step meditations, and many other forms of mediation could be a great start to your meditation exploration journey). Find the one that works for you. It could take just 5-10 minutes of your time in a day.
  2. Dreams - Have you ever dreamt very alive dreams that happened later in your life? When we sleep in a deep sleep, we are relaxed that way we may be open to communication with subconscious mind.
  3. Theta healing –Theta Healing claims to develop natural intuition through changing the brain wave cycle to the theta waves with the intention of exploring how emotional energy affects a person's health. 
  4. Hypnosis - “Through hypnosis we can tap into our hidden power, dispel fears and limiting beliefs, heal our mind and body and make positive and lasting changes in our lives in order to reach our full potential”, as stated by a GTA’s hypnotist and propeller of hypnosis in Canada – Georgina Cannon.

When we start working with our subconscious mind, we may feel it does not work initially as it takes consistency and resilience to build up our routine.  Either we choose to meditate, daydream or work with theta or hypnosis healing techniques, we may be surprised how accelerated progress we can make.

With peace, love, and compassion to fill our hearts and minds, 


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