Spirituality and personal development

Spiritual Awakening and How That May Relate to Personal Development

How personal development and spiritual awakening are integrally related?

Living in a quick-paced, technology-driven era, we often lose touch with the reality outside of us. If you feel trapped inside your head, it’s time you listen to your soul crying for freedom. Embarking on a spiritual path is your way to achieve spiritual freedom. 

However, before starting your journey to spiritual awakening, you need to realize that nothing will change overnight. Personal development leads to spiritual awakening. It is a gradual process, and it happens when you realize that you are meant to exist beyond yourself and your ego.

Why Do You Need to Be Spiritually Awake?

Undergoing spiritual awakening wakes you up to reality. It makes you question what you have always believed in and what society has shaped you into. You realize there is much more to life than what you are taught to see. It is freedom from the pain your ego has caused you. By achieving spiritual freedom, you can look past the pain. You can break-free from your past, and all that keeps you from moving on.

How Personal Development Leads to Spiritual Awakening?

Personal development and spiritual awakening aren’t two entirely different experiences. You cannot achieve spiritual freedom without either of these. For a more profound spiritual experience, you need to add personal development to your spiritual practices.

You need to focus on personal development if you aspire to deepen your spiritual practice. To build a deeper connection to God, overcoming the only hurdle between you and your aim is crucial. By working on your habits and mindset, you can overcome the obstacle you have created between you and your ultimate goal.

How Personal Development Helps You Through Your Spiritual Awakening Experience?

There is no ceiling when it comes to personal development. It is a constant process. There is always room for personal growth. You cannot wake up one day and discover there is nothing left to be changed. Your consistent efforts can move you closer to achieving your purpose that is spiritual awakening and your full potential.

Personal development supports your spiritual practice in a variety of ways. All you need to do is to trust the process.

1.  Offers more clarity:

When you start working on yourself, you get more clarity. You start to question your lifestyle. If it aligns with whom you aspire to be and why spirituality matters to you? What are you doing to achieve the level of spirituality you seek? You gain more clarity on your mindsets and habits that don’t align with your spiritual aspirations.

What happens when you gain more clarity?

Increased clarity makes it easier for you to decide which habits to keep and which ones you need to let go of. It adds more soul to your empty morning prayer. You mean everything that comes out of your mouth. Your perspective on life starts to change. You become more mindful and grateful.

What should I do to increase my clarity level?

You can work with a coach to increase your clarity level. You can meditate, journal, or participate in group activities where you get to discuss your personal and spiritual development challenges with like-minded people. By adopting spiritual practices, you can tremendously increase your clarity. That’s important if you want to achieve your goal, feel contented, and happy with your life’s direction. Everything you do should revolve around spirituality. That’s how you will make it your mode of operation.

2.  Diminishes disbelief:

Spirituality is all about believing beyond the 3-D world we inhibit. Maintaining a spiritual belief can be tough. Spirituality concerns with your soul and spirit. But it is hard to believe in something you cannot see or touch. Human nature is to see before believing. On the contrary, spirituality is about trying to see what you believe in.

Your faith wanes when you ask God for a sign but don’t get it. You start to dwell in disbelief when your prayers go unanswered. Such circumstances make you question God’s existence.

How personal development decreases disbelief?

When you start working on yourself, you understand your negative thoughts make you question God’s existence. Your disbelief may not let you have a spiritual experience ever again. Your negative thoughts distance you from your goal.

What should I do to strengthen my faith?

With personal development, you can fight off your dark thoughts. You learn that your limiting beliefs are nothing but your fears and insecurities. You’ll dwell further into the darkness if you let go of your belief and spirituality.  This clarity helps you transform your negative thoughts into positive affirmations. Your faith returns when you release your negative thoughts, and your ability to see the signs of God and miracles improves.

3.  Makes you braver:

Personal development is focused on self-improvement. While trying to improve yourself, you come face to face with your fears. You courageously overcome them and move towards your end goal, which is spiritual awakening.  Taking steps to improve yourself makes you courageous. It lets you take bolder actions.

How self-improvement makes you braver?

Everyone faces different challenges in life. Your bold action could be letting go of the past you are not very proud of or adopting a good habit like praying, meditating, or participating in spiritual rituals. It takes a lot of courage to change the habits and beliefs you have formed over the years.

What should I do to improve myself?

Once you learn which behaviors don’t align with your goals, you can take action to let go of them. You might feel uncomfortable initially, but your brave actions will take you to another level of personal and spiritual growth.

Wrapping it up!

Like any other goal in your life, spiritual awakening requires you to put in your best efforts. You need to improve as a person if you want to build a strong connection to God. You need to shape your lifestyle around spirituality. You need to take what doesn’t align with your goals out of your life. This way, you will be able to seek the spiritual level you aspire.

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